The Uttar Pradesh Story!

And that’s yet another fairy tale victory for BJP. The most awaited, the most anticipated, the most fought for, the results of which are finally out making UP ” Modimay”. Winning 312 of 387 seats it fought and rest by its allies, BJP not only came in power after 26 odd years but broke its all past records. Not satisfied with breaking its own records, BJP sores high to secure largest share of seats in elections in the modern history of the state. Polinomist, today would try to analyse the conditions that resulted in such a decisive mandate and the implications of such a massive mandate:

Narendra Modi’s Charisma and strategy of Amit Shah:

When these two come together, they can change the set and matched equations and get the equations solved to tally their answers or would change the question to match their equations. The duo who started showing their synergies during Gujarat elections have emerged in and sustained to national politics are already taking over India.


  1. BJP now on grassroots level:

This victory registered BJP’s presence on grass root levels of the state,that was once seen in Loksabha Elections 2014. The enthusiasm of the party-workers  and the confidence over their leadership has helped BJP to sail high in the current elections.

  1. Demonetization and Surgical Strike:

Demonetization and Surgical strike were the major tools used by the BJP to portray the decisiveness of their leader vis-à-vis ensuring the people of quick decisions and living up to promises. Demonetization seems to make people feel confident about the Government rather than cursing them for the inconvenience caused.

  1. Aggressively pitching in for party outsiders:

BJP didn’t hesitate to rest its local leaders to give an opportunity to party outsiders. However, many snags were faced by the party leadership in state who had to tactfully persuade the local leaders and resolve the dissension crisis. A wager though played and handled tactfully, triumphed BJP.

Such a massive win would never be sustained without fulfilling the expectations of the local people, but a decisive mandate in the state like UP would not only affect the state alone but would have long lasting repercussions on the economy of the nation and its strategies which would show the following prospects:

  1. More aggressive Foreign Policy:

An article from Times Of India dated 12th March referenced to such probable stance of the Government which provoked our thinking. BJP now in power in almost 63.6% of the land and ruling over almost 53.93% of the population would be in a greater position to take bold and decisive decisions over the international matter especially with Pakistan. Modi’s image as popular and decisive leadership has sustained over the mid-term polls which is hard to achieve for, especially when you are in India. The same would concern Pakistani leaders wherein there is hardly any leader similar to the stature of Modi, giving right hand to India in bi-lateral talks, if any to be held in near future.

  1. Crucial policies would find more place:

With demonetization, surgical strike making a positive impact on the mandate of BJP, it would take a free-hand in framing such crucial policies without any anxiety of losing its vote share. In Democracy, the soul i.e. the mandate of public is with the Government at current point of time backing its policies and actions.

  1. Presidential Elections:

In India the President is elected by the electoral college which is a very interesting procedure to know.  (Will be discussed in blogs to come). 2017 brings to an end the 5- year term of the current President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and BJP, after winning Uttar Pradesh, the largest state of India has high chance of fielding the presidential nomination of its choice and getting the same elected without any compromise. However, losing  major chunk of seats in Punjab and Goa has somewhat netted the electoral vote share of NDA allies gained from victory in UP, Manipur and Uttarakhand.

4.  Rajya Sabha nominations:

The year 2018 will be a watershed year for Rajyasabha when 10 MP’s from UP, 1 from Uttarkhand, 5 MP’s from Madhya Pradesh, 4 each from Gujarat, Karnataka and Rajasthan and 1 from Chattisgarh and Himachal Pradesh would resign. With BJP having a strong hold in all the states barring Karnataka, subject to it’s decisive victory in the states of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh where the elections are scheduled in 2017, it expects to surpass Congress who are currently placed at 79 seats and BJP with 76 seats. Though near to the end of the term, BJP would sigh a relief in Rajya Sabha.

5. Emergence of Modi as a true statesman:

Modi, now certainly has lifted himself from being identified as merely a politician to be a true statesman. With such a zeal, enthusiasm and astute knowledge of people’s behavior, 2019 elections seems no difficulty to him. It was Omar Abdullah, former CM of J&K,to envisage the 2019 elections in his tweet made on 11th March 2017, the D-Day.

 UP has 5 years to be a change or make another change, all rests on the “Governance”.

Image Source:  Google Images

© Anup Shaha and Shreyas Godbole 



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