राष्ट्रपतीपदाचे जातीय रंग!!!

आजच (२५/०६/२०१७) शोभा डेंचा Times of India मधला column वाचला. एरव्ही नको त्या गोष्टींचा उपहास करणाऱ्या डेंचा sensible लेख वाचून बरंच बरं वाटलं. ऑलिम्पिकच्या वेळी भारतीय खेळाडूंबद्दल वाटेल ते उद्गार काढणाऱ्या ह्यांनी आज राष्ट्रपती पदाबाबत लिहिलेला लेख सद्सद्विवेकी बुध्दीला पटला हेच आश्चर्य!! असो पण मुद्दा असा की मांडलेला मुद्दा अतिशय सुसंगत आणि आजच्या परिस्थितीस धरून... Continue Reading →

The Special Union Territories!!!

Delhi & Puducherry are the only two Union Territories ("UTs") who participate in the election of President of India. Why,  is the next question that arises in our curious minds!!! The fact that prevails here is that this are the only two union territories in India that have their own legislative assemblies !!! As per... Continue Reading →

The Indian Presidential Elections!!!

The year of 2017 will witness the elections for the Supreme Post of the country electing the first citizen of India before 25th July 2017. We would all remember the uproar from Shiv-Sena about attending the dinner party presumed to be held for the aforesaid purpose. Though the matter was resolved with Sena Chief Uddhav... Continue Reading →

The Uttar Pradesh Story!

And that's yet another fairy tale victory for BJP. The most awaited, the most anticipated, the most fought for, the results of which are finally out making UP " Modimay". Winning 312 of 387 seats it fought and rest by its allies, BJP not only came in power after 26 odd years but broke its all past records. Not satisfied... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Democracy!!!

Few days back, we were talking about elections which were going to be held soon. There was a  frequent term in our discussion 'Democracy'.  We were discussing about the loopholes and advantages of our democracy and how we all can fix them up. When suddenly a thought flashed in my mind, history of human-like species... Continue Reading →

Republican “Party”  Time!! 

So, as now the US will be in the Trump's regime for the next four years, it would be interesting to watch how the dynamics shift not only for US but of other nations too. Let's take a look on how India had its say in this elections and also the probable impact of Trump's regime on India and Indian citizens per se.

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