Introduction to Democracy!!!

Few days back, we were talking about elections which were going to be held soon. There was a  frequent term in our discussion 'Democracy'.  We were discussing about the loopholes and advantages of our democracy and how we all can fix them up. When suddenly a thought flashed in my mind, history of human-like species... Continue Reading →


And could it be Banking Transaction Tax?

It was a busy day at Income Tax Office. Pressure was palpable on the Officers' as they had an enormous task of completing the Income Tax Assessments due on 31st December 2016. Me and my manager were waiting for our turn, and after an hour or so, were inside the cabin of the Income Tax Officer.... Continue Reading →

Republican “Party”  Time!! 

So, as now the US will be in the Trump's regime for the next four years, it would be interesting to watch how the dynamics shift not only for US but of other nations too. Let's take a look on how India had its say in this elections and also the probable impact of Trump's regime on India and Indian citizens per se.

Demonetization: A paradigm shift

November 8th 2016 was a usual for me. Had CA final class in the early morning,had usual day in office with Transfer Pricing work and some compliance assignments after which it was time for re-union of my friends, 1st after Diwali Vacations, but we never expected that the end of the re-union would leave us in a situation of anxiety, happiness and speculations.

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