Introduction to Democracy!!!

Few days back, we were talking about elections which were going to be held soon. There was a  frequent term in our discussion ‘Democracy’.  We were discussing about the loopholes and advantages of our democracy and how we all can fix them up. When suddenly a thought flashed in my mind, history of human-like species goes back almost 10 million years while the history of modern human (homo sapien) dates back to almost 10,000 years, if man has such a long history then why didn’t any of our ancestors think of the government ruled by all the people living in their society ? Why most parts of the world did accept either dictatorship or ogliarchy or monarchy as their governments?  And then we thought to write something which we all are part of, that is, ‘Democracy’!

We @ Polinomist initiate a series of democracy which will grossly continue for the next 15 weeks. The flow of discussion would include the uniqueness  of this system, it’s effects on a nation’s economics, peculiar features of democracy, the way democracy  came in existence, how did it evolve and many more. We also will try to cover entire history of Democracy from its traces in Greece since 5th century BC to modern democracy.

But all these would come with a little twist, this won’t be only an one sided dialogue but it intends an active participation of all in the whole process through comment box where we expect a free flow of thoughts. Also we will try to keep every part of this series simple and concise so that we all can enjoy our discussions and the whole process.So, let’s go deep in this ‘of the people,by the people,for the people’ thing and bring out the essence…Stay tuned…

Shreyas Godbole & Anup Shaha 


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  1. Democracy is here to stay being part of the evolution through revolutions. The lazy and incompetent can not rule for long in the democratic society.
    It has been stated in scriptures of ancient times about how kings should rule the people. Democracy gives right to people to topple the unruly or undemocratic by law without bloodshed.

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  2. World is all about evolution. Nothing is stagnant!! Same goes for democracy. With passage of time the basic and fundamental principles of democracy changed and evolved. On the globe more than 150 countries have adopted for the democratic government of the either kind. The evolution is itself justified by the different nature of democracy adopted by US, UK and India. So we can conclude that democracy gives people the power to change and evolve themselves but is it still used effectively by people is a matter of debate !!!

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  3. At the most basic level, it is a type of government or political system ruled by citizens, people who are members of a society. In a democracy, citizens hold some level of power and authority, and they participate actively in the political, or decision-making, process of their government.

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